Established in 2015, Lucky Layne is a Canadian born, Perth based designer who loves a whole heap of colour and even more SPARKLE!  What started out as making a few scrunch bum briefs for herself and her pole friends at a studio in Perth, has turned into a full time business with customers all over Australia and the world. Lainey creates high quality, one-of-a-kind custom bikinis, alongside a pole wear line that is made locally in Western Australia. 

Now branching into activewear, Lucky Layne Active was born late 2021. Our aim for Lucky Layne Active is to design activewear that makes fitness enthusiasts feel empowered, motivated, and confident to achieve all their health and fitness goals.  The Alter Ego Collection is the first of many which features a classic style and feminine look, with the freedom to move effortlessly and the feeling of being supported. 

Lainey has had a passion for fitness & sport for as long as she can remember. With a background in fitness modelling, cheerleading, volleyball, athletics, soccer, and every other sport in between, she’s spent most of her life around the fitness industry. Her main love was always Gymnastics, which she started at the tender age of 4, going on to compete and coach the sport in Canada. After relocating to Australia, she continued to coach gymnastics while she completed her Master’s degree in Teaching. After deciding that her competitive gymnastics days were over, a similar sport needed to take its place, and this is where she developed her love of Pole Dancing. Lainey has over 10 years’ experience as a pole dance and fitness instructor.

With her keen eye for fashion and her passion for fitness, designing items of fitness fashion seemed like a natural progression for Lainey. Lucky Layne pole wear has since become renowned for high-quality and ultimate comfort, to ensure dancers have the best training, competition, or photoshoot experience. Her aim was to design pole wear that makes dancers feel unstoppable, beautiful, and inspired to achieve all their pole & fitness goals, all whilst expressing their own person style via her custom design pieces. A set from Lucky Layne is sure to become your most loved piece of pole fashion, and you simply won’t be able to stop at just one!